Did you know that Ellowyne is not the only “character” in the Wilde Imagination line? She has friends – like Amber, Prudence, Lizette and even a guy friend named Rufus. While I only have Ellowyne’s in my collection, some of our online friends have Ellowyne’s friends and were kind enough to share their photos with us this week. My Ellowynes are sulking this week because they found out they have to share the shelf with their City Girl cousins whether they like it or not.

Karen K posted photos of Ailenor (Amber Disquietude) wearing a dress from the Gene Marshall doll’s closet.

Amber’s eyes are just gorgeous!

Sherie has quite a Wilde collection in the works – five friends, including Lizette and Edward from Narnia collection, haven’t renamed him yet but will. Oh and Positively negative who belongs to her daughter, who hasn’t chosen a name yet.

It looks like Sherie’s Prudence is the queen of her doll world – that girl has some serious attitude and I am LOVING that bench!

And from our collection, Nicolette (Nothing Springs to Mind) is day dreaming. I bet she is wondering if Amber, Prudence or Lizette will ever be added to our doll family… I’m sure they will be – when the time is right.

I finally took Nicolette’s braid out and let her hair down. Wow!!! She looks like a completely different doll now. So pretty!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Wilde Wednesday!