I told you Wilde Wednesday would be back! Have you heard? April is National Poetry Month and Wilde Imagination is celebrating with their 5th Annual Poetry Contest. You can win an Ellowyne of your choice if you are the grand prize winner – they are awarding 19 prizes total. Anyhow, go to Ellowyne’s Poetry Contest page for all the details, meanwhile our very own Ruby, also known as Plaid to Meet You, is working on her poem now. And for those of you who have not read Ellowyne’s backstory, she suffers from “Chronic Ennui” also known as BOREDOM.

“What are you working on Ruby?” said Caitlyn

“Oh, just trying to get this poem right for the poetry contest… it has to include the word SMILE and I’m stuck after this line,” muttered Ruby.

“Ennui, ennui, the word that best describes me… and then I just can’t figure out what to write next…” said Ruby.

“Well, I don’t know about what comes next, but you have a mispelling,” added Caitlyn.

“You are missing the C in describe,” Caitlyn pointed out.

“I’ll never get this done, let alone get it right,” complained Ruby.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Ruby. I will fix it for you now,” said Caitlyn reassuringly.

“Thanks. I’ll come back to this later, I’m bored and need a nap,” grumbled Ruby.

So, all you creative girls who have been wanting an Ellowyne of your own, here is your chance! Get your poetry entries turned in to Wilde Imagination by April 25th and maybe you will be a lucky winner! Doll Diaries is not associated with this contest in any way, we just wanted to share it with you – and it gave Natalie a good reason to go take some photos for me this morning.

Details on the dolls/props we used: