While my Ellowynes eagerly anticipate the arrival of a box full of surprises that I won for them on eBay, Madelon’s Ellowyne will be in the spotlight today.

Ellowyne Wilde

Madelon’s Ellowyne went on a trip and decided to visit her Groovy (Girl) friend at her house. She borrowed her friend’s oh so groovy faux fur coat and rested in her lounge chair.

Oh yes, this is one comfy and groovy chair.

Another look at the room. Groovy Girl furniture is perfect for most slim body dolls 10″-16″ tall and in some cases, they can share clothes, too.

Ellowyne tried out the other Groovy chair and started to feel a little drowsy.

Ellowyne was enjoying her new surroundings too much to let herself go to sleep so it was back to the other chair, off with the coat and shoes and time to enjoy a good show on TV.

“Hmmm, I think its time to go to the mall. You don’t think Groovy will mind if I borrow her car do you?”

Thanks Madelon for sharing these fun photos! I just might need to check our Groovy Girl bin for more goodies the Ellowyne’s and Little Miss Matched dolls can borrow.