I just love our creative Doll Diaries community!! Madelon decided to try out a large Bratz doll outfit on her Ellowyne and guess what – for the most part it works! Take a look.

The large Bratz outfit (with an adjustment to the skirt) works great for Ellowyne dolls.

The top fits Ellowyne PERFECTLY!

The skirt feels like ultrasuede.

The cream colored lace really looks good on her.

The sleeves are flowy like the Dare to Dream outfit.

And Madelon recently went to a doll show and saw quite the collection of Tonner dolls still in their boxes. They look like they really want out!

They really are just so beautiful.

Definitely a more colorful bunch!

Madelon felt like she was in Tonner heaven!

The doll show was not all Tonner – they had a little bit of everything – like this Gotz Designer Doll that was selling for $300.

A pretty Helen Kish doll in red (although I’d love to know who the girl in purple is) and a Girls of Many Lands in blue (also a Kish sculpt).

And a few American Girl cuties were for sale, too.

A total cutie of a Gotz doll (kind of reminds me of the Bitty Baby face) next to a Chatty Cathy.

Plenty of 8″ Madame Alexanders to choose from.

Madelon had one from this series as a child.

Sasha dolls that were recently featured by Diana caught Madelon’s eye.

It is great to find a boy doll this original – he is also a Sasha doll.

Madelon, thanks so much for sharing all these amazing photos with us today! If you get a chance to go to a doll show – GO – they are a lot of fun and a great way to learn about doll history.