Wilde Wednesday – Elle is Merry and Bright

Ellowyne decided to show you her version of the new American Girl exclusive Merry and Bright outfit.

Elle wonders if it was really made for Cinderella…


Do you have any doll dresses that remind you of the Merry and Bright outfit? 

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  1. Kristen L. says:

    I wonder too if it was for Cinderella…

  2. Did you say that was an outfit for ag dolls? It looks waaaaaaay too small

  3. Not yet – I thought about making one, but I don’t know how much use they would get out of it. It is awfully formal, and there aren’t very many occasions when they could wear it and not look over-dressed.

  4. It does look like a Cinderella dress. Maybe Elle’s hypothesis is right..could be a Cinderella dress!

  5. Awww! She’s so pretty!

  6. Isabella – no, we said it was inspired by an AG outfit

  7. so pretty

  8. misspiggy=awesome says:

    Elle looks pretty in that dress! I think the crown is just a little too big… XD

  9. Beautiful dress, Elle! :)

  10. Grace AG Lover says:

    A couple years back I got a collectors Barbie (not Cinderella a tooth fairy) that had a dress like the one AG has.
    I have to agree with Misspiggy=awesome the crown is a big big but, most crowns are big (like in Stardust [One of my favorite movies] and Princess diaries.)
    Ta Ta for now or ttfn!

  11. Looking fabulous!
    I thought the same thing when I first saw the special dress for this year – is that Cinderella? Perfect for the ball.

  12. Rebecca George says:

    Has anyone heard how it is selling? It does look like a Disney princess dress and I was not even envious of it when I saw it at the AG store. I was glad my 5 year old grand daughter was too short to see the dress as she is totally into the whole princess dress up thing….but even her “outfits” are a it more reasonable and Grandma must admit they get a ton of use. I may break down and make a real princess dress for her AG but know that it must be easy on and off and not multi piece. I need to find some old dresses at the thrift store to re purpose.

  13. I think the AG one looks like something the Frozen character would wear.

  14. Cute, it does sorta look like the AG one! :)
    SOOOO excited, ’cause I just ordered my first ellowyne wilde!!!!!! EEEEEP! :) A little Christmas present to myself. :)

  15. I have that same dress that came with a Cinderella doll that I got when I was younger!!!