For those of you who have been following the adventures of our very first Wilde Imagination Ellowyne doll since we first got her, you know she has quite the attitude! Today’s photo story might seem a little familiar…

“Hi, I’m Houston of Tonner Toys City Girls fame. And you are?”

“Kaitlyn, it’s nice to meet you, but I don’t think you really want to sit in THAT chair very long.”

“Why not?” asked Houston.

“”Well, it’s just that you are very pretty and one particular member of our doll family is going to feel very threatened by you and will not like seeing you in ‘HER’ chair,” replied Kaitlyn.

“Hi, I’m Houston of Tonner Toys City Girls fame. And you are?”

“Elle. And you, my dear, are in my chair – so out, out with you!”

“But, I was just trying to…” muttered Houston. 

“Out. Now. Goodbye. Back to the fashion doll shelf for you…” said Elle in her bossiest tone.

“Seriously? It’s a long way down!!” said Houston.

“That’s right, down you go. This is my chair, on my shelf, where I can rule the Doll Diaries kingdom in comfort!” replied Elle.

“Ah, much better ladies. We can’t let beauties like that take away our spotlight on the beloved shelf, now can we?” asked Elle.

“Now where did I leave my crown?” wondered Elle as Houston sulked off to find her friend Billy and Astor. Little does Elle know, but the City Girls are going to get some time in the limelight over the next few days and there is not one thing she can do about it!

More adventures with Ellowyne and her Wilde Imagination friends coming again next week.