I will be the first to admit I don’t really know A LOT about Steampunk fashion, its origins or much else about it, and it is not something I would necessarily wear, but for some reason, I really like it as an option for dolls. Our friends at Wilde Imagination, the makers of my favorite Ellowyne dolls released a new line this year called Imperium Park. The whole line is Steampunk inspired and the dolls in the line share the same bodies as the Ellowyne dolls do. In a recent sale, I decided to pick up one of the Imperium Park outfits for my Ellowynes.

Steampunk Ellowyne Wilde Imperium Park

I ordered an outfit called End of Time and when it arrived Raw Edges Ellowyne (Aine) was chosen as the model. The End of Time Outfit includes a chiffon top, gauze skirt with lace trim, leather looking loop, textured leather looking corset with ruffles and ring decorations, corset belt buckle, tie, velvet jacket with sleeve cuffs and shoulder decoration, decorated hat with lace trim, stockings, and designer boots. Our Tonner Convention Ellowyne also has a Steampunk thing going so she decided to help out Aine.

Aine looks like she is standing at attention and Victoria gives her the once over making sure she is dressed right!

“Turn around” says Victoria “I want to check out this bustle in the back.”

Do they make these boots in my size? So incredibly sharp looking! 

This has to be one of the most elaborate and well put together outfits I have had yet. There is so much detail in every layer of each piece from the pattern on the tights to the decorative shoulder accents to the dainty feather in her hat.

My two Steampunk girls are looking good and are plotting to take over the “shelf” – Elle might want to watch out.

What do you think of Steampunk fashion?