She is contagious, beautiful and what an attitude!  Who is she?  Ellowyne, of course!  I keep telling myself, no more Ellowyne dolls, you have a complete collection, well then Wilde Imagination runs a sale and there is yet another Ellowyne that is unique, and must come home.   So which Ellowyne arrived?

Delicate Balance Ellowyne is her name.  She is limited to 250 dolls and is now retired.  She immediately bonded our little dog Pecky and took her for a walk in the park.  Who can say no to Ellowyne?

A close look at her face, so delicate with a perfectly pink shade of  blush.  Her inset blue eyes are mesmerizing.  Her lips have a pink shade that goes terrific with her outfit.  She has long lovely lashes to give her that amazing look.

A closer look at her gorgeous outfit.  She wears a cotton linen jacket with delicate pink lace.  Her satin dress has mini pink pearl buttons and also decorated with delicate pink lace.  Ellowyne does not leave home without her jewelry, so she wears a two strand pink bead necklace which has a gold/pink ribbon tied as a bow close to her left shoulder.

So what made this Ellowyne different?  Her hair!  She has auburn red hair or chestnut as Wilde Imagination describes it.  It is rooted hair which is my favorite on Ellowyne and is styled to have a crimp look, that is the difference.  I love this style of  hair!

As with all my Ellowyne dolls, the perfect shoes must be part of the overall look.  These short pink boots with a bow on the side complete the outfit.   She wears white patterned tights.

A very close look at her blue eyes and long lashes.

So now it is time to have fun with this Fashion Diva!  She is quick to select what she wants and when she wants it, so I had to be quick with the camera.  Ellowyne spotted the fedora hat and large straw purse,  so she had to model the “look”. 

Finding the perfect pose and getting Ellowyne to give you “that look”  for the camera is not always easy.  I was quick with the camera as she turned her head and adjusted her hat.

After a the photo shoot, Ellowyne requested to sit by the balcony and enjoy her fruit and cheese.   She removed her jacket and you can see the beautiful sleeveless dress which has a low waistline.  It reminds me of the Pollyanna dresses which I always loved.  Ellowyne sits so elegantly, with her arm gently resting on the chair’s arm rest.

Delicate Balance Ellowyne is picture perfect and is such an exquisite doll, I am glad she joined my collection and at a great deal.   

Wilde Imagination continues to produce gorgeous dolls with amazing detailed outfits and accessories which makes them very expensive, but if  you can take advantage of some of their super sales, you get your money’s worth in my opinion.

Have you seen the 2015 collection?  Take a peek, which is your favorite for 2015?