Wilde Wednesday – Back to the 70s with Ellowyne

Madelon had way too much fun letting her Ellowyne do some closet swapping with some of her 70s dolls.

Ellowyne starts off with a very groovy green elephant romper. And she looks beautiful in that shade of green!

70s doll Crissy’s had a  cousin Velvet who wore an eggplant corduroy dress with a cream colored bow. Ellowyne borrowed that dress today.

This shapeless mumu style dress was very popuar in the 70s and while the scale of the flower pattern is way to big for Ellowyne, the flower at the neckline is nice and there is quite a bit of detailing in the edges.

Ellowyne’s have a way of looking good in just about anything they put on! Thanks Madelon for sending these in.


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  1. Alexandra says:


  2. Alexandra says:


  3. Sharry A. says:

    That dress on top is Kerry’s, another member of the Crissy family

  4. Gail says:


  5. Cheryl Freburg says:


  6. Maria says:

    5thie or 6thie!

  7. Cheryl Freburg says:


  8. Cheryl Freburg says:

    Maria- you are a 5thie

  9. Lily Starr says:

    Great pictures.

  10. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I got news, Doll Diaries. I made it into my second choice college. I don’t know about my first choice college though

  11. Venus says:

    Now we are both college students in the Doll House. 😉
    And lol, a similar thing happend to me when I applied for my colleges.
    I got accepted by both my first and second choices, but the second choice ended up being more convenient for me financially. So, I went with college #2. 😛

  12. StoryTeller says:

    Ellowyne really does look good in just about anything. : )
    Thanks for sending these in, Madelon! Your Ellowyne is really pretty.

    Pretty Irish AG– Congrats!

  13. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Beautiful! I wouldn’t mind a mumu myself, and I’m 13!

  14. Gail says:

    i like the romper best

  15. Nina says:

    I love that dress at the end! I want one for me!

  16. Gail says:

    what other doll clothes fit ellowynes? essential ambers are only $99 right now!

  17. I like the second one, the purple :)

  18. Char says:

    Gail – obviously Ellowyne, Amber and Prudence can all share. Some 18″ slim body doll clothes can be modified for her too

  19. Char says:


  20. Isabella says:

    Char, when are you going to post more pictures of the city girls?

  21. Cassie says:


  22. Sarah Dugo says:

    Had the middle dress in blue velvet with cherries and white go-go boots! Thanks for the memories!

  23. kananirulz says:


  24. Ava says:

    I really like the dress at the end!

  25. sabrina says:

    So cool

  26. AGInParadise says:

    I wish there was the dress at the end in AG size! I like it! :)

  27. bren says:

    @ Maddie the purple dress belongs to the Ideal doll Velvet, she was part of the grow hair girl family of Crissy dolls. :) I’m not sure how Kerry’s green romper was altered but the orginial doll is a 17 1/2 inch slim doll. (much chubbier than Ellowyne, though). Velvet is a 15.5 inch doll. You can find these clothes fairly cheap on ebay. Although you may fall in love with the Ideal dolls, they’re great!

  28. Gail says:

    i think i will get myself an ellowyne for my bday in march!

  29. Love your mixed stylings Char, as usual!