Wilde Wednesday Are We in Paris?

If you have been following the adventures of my Ellowyne dolls, you know that Elle (an Ellowyne Dark Days) thinks she is the stuff. Last week I introduced you to Lily (Woeful Romance Ellowyne) and Elle seemed quite irritated with this gorgeous, new girl. Anyhow, in this week’s adventures, Elle and Lily are bonding – they think they are in Paris on a shopping trip.

Ellowyne Dark Days and Woeful Romance

After agreeing to let Elle borrow her dress, Lily does some jewelry shopping. Elle is wearing part of Lily’s dress – she has her own original black tank top on, Lily’s skirt, she tied the tights that came with the outfit over her shoulders like a sweater and wrapped the belt around her wrist for a bracelet.

Ellowyne Dark Days and Woeful Romance

Lily shows off her new bow necklace.

Ellowyne Dark Days and Woeful Romance

And Elle shows Lily the new perfume she found. Something tells me these two are going to get along just fine. They both seem to have expensive tastes. What they don’t know is that there are two new girls on their way – all the way from the Tonner Convention. You’ll have to check in next Wednesday to see who our new additions will be.


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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Megan aka Megz says:

    cute story!!

  3. wow sooo cute i wonder whos coming next

  4. Love the pics :)

  5. aglover says:


  6. Anastasia says:

    I wonder who’s going to join this doll family next…

  7. Im shelfing my Ellowyne dreams untill the end of the School year! I am beginning to think the one I wanted is prettier in the picture than it is in real life… Back to the drawing board!

  8. did you get Bauble Bangles and blues?! her hair is just like mine!?!!?

  9. Eerrkkkkkk new dolls!!!

  10. If only these weren’t so expensive. I’m saving my money for Caroline, just in case she looks like me (praying for a redhead!!!). I love to see yours though Char! I can’t wait to see the new additions!

  11. Emma- Im still praying for an AG to look like me!

  12. Cool post! Well, I don’t have any Ellowyne dolls, but they look pretty cute!

  13. This is really cute.I love checking here everyday to see if something new is up,and it usually is.I really love the Ellowyne dolls.But the problem is that they are VERY expensive.But I can Still hope.I will hopefully send in some things before I leave on vacation this Saturday.(more about that in the post)Well,bye for now,

  14. Gail… nope, not Bauble Bangles and Blues… You will have to wait and see who it is.

  15. cute!! those dolls are so pretty!

  16. Caitlin says:

    Oh my, not the Ellowyne and Lizette from the latest convention? Flight of Fancy and Time Flies?! They are SO gorgeous! I’m considering buying one off ebay.

  17. cant wait! I love the word Baubles btw!

  18. Caitlin you are half way right… only one is a Wilde Imagination doll and the other one is a Tonner doll… now to figure out which ones.

  19. Which ellowyne doll would you recommend?

  20. aglover says:

    char how much are theses dolls and why does it say you posted a comment at 7:10 when it is only 5

  21. aglover – the Ellowyne dolls can be anywhere from about $80 if you can catch them on sale on up. Chances are you and I are in different time zones and that is why it shows different times for the comments.

  22. Amanda – I recommend the Ellowyne that speaks to you most! They are all fabulous.

  23. Hi char is that a dress on ur doll Lily ?

  24. In that photo my doll Lily (with the dark hair) is wearing a reversible skirt from the Little Miss Matched girls and a custom made Doll Diaries t-shirt.

  25. I found Nothing Springs to Mind on ebay BIN for $150. is that an acceptible price for a retired New in box Ellowyne?

  26. I love their silky hair!

  27. Meline – yes, that is right about what you should expect to pay for an Ellowyne.

  28. I want Bauble bangles and blues myself! but she is sold out online and too expensive on ebay

  29. Cute!