I apologize for not posting a Wilde Wednesday last week, but Natalie was home sick from school and it just wasn’t meant to be.  A few weeks ago I won an auction on eBay for all six jackets from the Wilde Imagination Hanging by a Thread collection. They are all just stunning but rather than show you all of them at once, I decided to spread it out over a few weeks. 

Wilde Imagination Ellowyne

Nothing Springs to Mind, also known as Nicolette, picked out the jacket called Inclement. It is a light brown corduroy jacket with lots of pockets and it matches the outfit she is wearing perfectly! The whole look also works well with the changing and falling leaves in our front yard.

Wilde Imagination Ellowyne

Here is another look at the jacket – you can see the string at the waist band and the detailing in the buttons.

Wilde Imagination Ellowyne Nothing Springs to Mind

There is rustic metal airplane in our garden and Nicolette was trying her wing walking skills. 

Nothing Springs to Mind

Fun with PicMonkey special effects! I think this gives it an old time photo feel. 

More Wilde Wednesday fun coming next week! Have a great afternoon!