Wilde Wednesday on a Thursday? Yep, Natalie here, and I’d like to introduce you to the newest Ellowyne in the doll room. It’s been quite a while since we have added to our Ellowyne collection and I have been wanting Ellowyne Fitting In forever. Luckily my Mom made me wait and she got Ellowyne Fitting In during the most recent Wilde Imagination sale for $79 and free shipping.

Ellowyne Fitting In

I opened her box and *gasp* SHE IS SO GORGEOUS. I immediately grabbed the camera and brought her outside to snap some pictures.

Ellowyne Fitting In

Her eyes are beautiful! I absolutely love dolls with green eyes.

Ellowyne Fitting In

Her hair is a very light blonde color and it has a slight wave to it, great for styling!

Ellowyne Fitting In

I went inside (too cold outside!) and set her up for some fierce model shots. Work it girl!

Ellowyne Fitting In

Elle came storming in while we were taking the photos. Her hair was half-way in curlers and had many styling clips in.ย 

“I overheard the American Girl stylists at the salon saying that a new Ellowyne Wilde was here in the photography studio. So I came to check it out. What is your name and background?” Elle asked the new doll.

“Well, hello! I am Cori and I was named after Natalie’s favorite dancer. I was born in France and have a very theatrical background. ย Natalie has been wanting me since I came out and I went on sale so she could get me… Who are you?” Cori asked.

“Oh sorry! I did not formally introduce myself. I am Elle, short for Ellowyne. I was the first Ellowyne in this doll room and I claimed my spot as Queen. I think of myself as Char’s favorite you know.” Elle replied and winked at Cori.

Ellowyne Fitting In

“Now I just want to make sure that we are clear that I am and will ALWAYS be the ruler of this doll kingdom.” Elle said firmly.

“Oh Madame Ellowyne! I had of no intentions to take your spot as Queen. Please continue to run this fine kingdom as you do.” Cori replied.

Ellowyne Fitting In

“I apologize for anything I did Ellowyne.” Cori said sweetly.

“Oh, I am so sorry. I find any new dolls a threat after almost losing my throne to 7 other Wildes.” Elle said apologetically.

“Understood Madame Ellowyne. I almost lost my role as Galinda in Wicked when another girl took my costume! Apology accepted.” Cori responded.

Ellowyne Fitting In

“May I say, you are beautiful!” Elle said to Cori.

“Merci, Ellowyne. You are stunning as well!” Cori said with a smile.

“Here let me fix your hair…” Cori said lifting her hand to remove the curlers and clips. She used an elastic to do a “half-up half-down” style on Elle.

“Ta-da! Twins!” Cori said while pointing to her own hair.

“I LOVE IT!” Elle said bringing Cori in for a hug. “Friends?”

Ellowyne Fitting In

“Friends.” Cori said with a smile.

The two walked off towards the doll room giggling and talking about fashion.

This was just a quick intro of Fitting In also known as Cori – we will do a more detailed review of her soon!