It has been a while since we have added an Ellowyne to our collection – Plaid to Meet You was the most recent purchase and while she is cute, she may still find her way on to eBay. The Tonner Doll Company had their annual convention this past weekend and it was a lot of fun to look at all the convention exclusive dolls as they were revealed as centerpieces and exclusives.  While I was captivated by the dolls in The Great Gatsby collection (specifically Daisy who is already sold out), of course, I was waiting to see the Ellowyne dolls.

And here they are – Picking Up The Pieces Again Prudence, Falling to Pieces  Ellowyne, and All Good Lizette.

Now, I have been considering adding one of Ellowyne’s friends to our collection, but I haven’t quite found the Prudence, Amber or Lizette that has truly captured my attention. Picking Up The Pieces Again Prudence just might push me over the edge!

Prudence – Am I? also has a sweet face, but it isn’t quite calling my name the same way Picking Up The Pieces Again Prudence is. 

What do you think of the this trio of Tonner Con exclusives? Which is your favorite? They are available on the Wilde Imagination website now, but I am not sure how long they will last. I am not sure if I will get Prudence now or if I will wait to see if I can get her on sale.