Dolls decorate for Halloween too around here.  Sometimes that means recreating a big project and scaling it down to doll size.  That is just what happened here with this wicked little hand painted wall art.  It was a super beautiful day, the kind that begs for painting on the deck.  And so this happened.


It all starts with the gathering of supplies.


And then the painting.


The ribbon hanger was adhered with a hot glue gun but other than that, this project is JUST like the one I shared on my blog and can be found HERE.  It is no secret that I adore polka dots.  If you didn’t already know this, I bet the photograph below is a big giveaway.  Do you love her shoes?  They are from Adora and came on one of our Girl Scouts dolls.


Here is a close up!


If you like witches and think she is kind of cute, you might love this little coloring printable named Three Little Witches.  You can download it FREE right HERE.


And now the big question, should Nicki put this in her bedroom or on the stable door for her horse?

Happy All Things Halloween,