Here’s a fun post from Diana for some Friday Fun! 


So who is behind the shades you ask?  Well when this little darling came out at Target (2008), I just loved her looks, but refused to pay the price.  She can still be found on eBay for many different prices and a range of different conditions from played with to mint in a box.  I of course went for played with in good condition and the right price for me…;-)

Who is behind these shades? Look at those purple streaks of hair color, pudgy nose and smirky smile… She is the one and only Fancy Nancy!

Fancy Nancy as she arrived to her new home…

It did not take long for Fancy Nancy to make herself at home, she grabbed the biggest bag she could find and adopted Maxine’s dog and off she went shopping…

 Fancy Nancy decided to take off the cool shades and reveal her beautiful, sparkling eyes. She had her hair done at Diana’s Doll Hospital and is wearing one of the outfits made by Diana to match her eyes.

A closer look at Fancy Nancy.

Fancy Nancy is an 18″ doll made by Jane O’Connor & Robin P Glasser per their book. She is very sturdy and durable. She stands on her own and makes a wonderful playmate to the AG dolls as well as the Gotz dolls.  I will have a great time making outfits for Fancy Nancy because she can be so wild and adventurous.


Awwww, I love Fancy Nancy and had not seen this version of her before. So cute and at 18″ she is perfect for play, too. Thanks Diana for this fun post.