Getting ready to start a New Year?  How about checking out this casual but stylish outfit from Serendipity Dolls?   Now we all know that not all outfits fit the same on all the dolls, so let’s decide – who wears it best?

Dabbie (AG doll) is wearing the Pink n Black with Dots outfit.  The top is very stretchy and it does have Velcro. Due to the type of material the Velcro gets caught on the shirt and it will snag, so you have to be very, very careful with it.   The shirt has long sleeves and they are short on Dabbie. The pants are a knit material and fit a little tight around the hips, since they stretch they look snug.  Also I would like the top to be a little longer on her.

Alexis (Via-E) now models the outfit.  Alexis’ arms are shorter so the sleeves fit nicely.  She is also thinner so the top fits longer over her waist.  The pants fit nicely, they are not snug, they are the correct length.

Franca (Gotz) wanted to also model the outfit.  Franca is a little taller than the 18″, she is close to 19″, but the pants are the correct length and do not seem short.  Now the shirt’s long sleeve is short on her arms because she does have longer arms.  Franca is thinner then Dabbie so the top length fits nicely.

Maycee (My Salon Doll) is our last model, and it seems this outfit fits perfectly on her.  The length of the sleeves are just right, so are the pants.  She is thin so the outfit is not snug.

So which model would you pick?

Fun Facts:
1. The outfit sells for $17.99 on the Serendipity Doll website.
2. The materials are very soft but I would not recommend the top for child play, it will get ruined with snags from the Velcro.
3. The opinions are that of my own and do not reflect those of Doll Diaries.