Julie is in her birthday dress today.  She is going to to share it with 3 friends so you can decide who wore it best!

Julies Birthday Dress-5

Julie’s long blond hair blends in with her hat and white dress but boy do her brown eyes stand out and shine!

Julies Birthday Dress-42

Who’s under the hat brim now?

Julies Birthday Dress-35

It’s Rebecca!  Her brown curls are lovely against the light colors and with the brown trim.

Julies Birthday Dress-38

In contrast to Julie’s long blond hair, Maria has long black hair and a warmer completion.

Julies Birthday Dress-28

She is beaming in these light colors!

Julies Birthday Dress-32

Last but not least we have a head of ginger curls.

Julies Birthday Dress-24

Saige changes the look with her coloring, accenting the orange, brown, blue and yellow in the dress.

Julies Birthday Dress-16

Her blue eyes bring out the blue in the dress and the blue flower on her hat.

Julies Birthday Dress-20

Each doll added their own look to Julie’s birthday dress with their different hair color, eye color, hair type and skin coloring.

Julies Birthday Dress-26

What do you think, who wore it best?

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