Hello girls, Natalie is here! Its been a while since I have posted or done a Who Wore it Best! So this is how it works if you have never seen it: I take a picture of two or three dolls in the same outfit(you may have seen this in a magazine of celebrities) and then you all vote who wore the outfit in the cutest way! Each doll that wears it will wear it a little bit different! So here is Who Wore it Best!

So the other day we picked up the Everyday Play Jumper from the American Girl sale. It is now retired and was a MAG outfit. Here is our Carpatina doll Erin modeling it with a cute purple headband. Instead of the boots it comes with she is substituting her silver flats. Erin also is sporting a thin braid on the side of her hair.

Now modeling it is our MAG Callista modeling the outfit the way that it came. She has her silver dangle earrings.  Callista’s hair is in two pigtails.

Finally here is historical doll Samantha modeling it with the boots from Ivy’s meet outfit,  she has her raspberry pink glasses on, and her hair in a ponytail!

So tell us, who wore this outfit the best? Erin, Cali, or Samantha?

Till next time, this is Natalie signing off. Click!

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