Today I have a line up of 3 lovely dolls, each one with very different coloring, hair color, and eye color.  They are all taking their turn with Addy’s Plaid Summer Dress Set.  

The dress is is a pale pink and brown plaid on white.  A white ruffled pinafore is worn on top.  Tan and white boots come with the set as well as a pink hair ribbon.

This retired dress set (2011-2015) is fashioned after dresses from around 1864 and was part of Addy Walkers collection from American Girl.

Let’s take a look and you decide who wore it best today!


Caroline’s light hair is a soft compliment to this pale dress set.

Her eye color looks lovely with the pink and pale brown in the dress.

Caroline’s ringlets come cascading from the bow tied in her hair.

Is Caroline’s soft coloring sweet with this outfit or is their simply not enough contrast and the effect is washed out?

2. Emily

Emily’s warm hair color seems to bring out more color in the dress.

The light brown plaid especially looks good with her rich hair color.  

Emily’s blue eyes are playful and alive with this fresh dress for summer.

The pink bow ties back her hair into a short ponytail.  The pink even seems to warm up against her hair color.

Does Emily bring the dress set alive or is her lively coloring too much for this breezy summer outfit?

3. Madison 

Madison has beautiful black hair and rich skin tones that make this summer outfit beam.

She looks fresh and sweet in the plaid and ruffles. 

The pink bow gathers her bouncy curls and the pink radiates cheeriness.

Do you like the contrast of darks and lights with Madison or do you think she looks more striking in bold colors?

What do you think, who wore it best?

Was it Caroline with her soft and sweet look?

Does Emily bring the summer set alive?

Has Madison’s radiating look caught your eye?

Share which doll you think wore it best and why!