As we continue to look at other items introduced in the Our Generation Retro Collection, I just could not resist Ruby.  The Our Generation Collection introduced two new dolls for the Retro Collection, they are Rose and Ruby.   I was very intrigued with Ruby,  but I could not find her in the stores and I did not want to get her until I had her in my hands.  Rose appeared in the stores first, she has light brown eyes and white hair with a red polka dotted dress.  Although she is pretty, her eyes did not reach out to me, so I waited for Ruby.   My wish was granted and only one Ruby finally appeared at Target and on sale for Cyber week.   So I would like to introduce you to Ruby…..

Ruby captured my heart as soon as I saw her!  She has golden blonde hair and the most beautiful blue-gray eyes, I have not seen these in any other OG doll.  Her hair is shoulder length and I did have to style it, since none of the OG dolls come with styled hair.  She wears a black polka dotted dress with teal netting underneath the skirt. The dress is sleeveless, but she wears a teal sweater with a couple of  butterflies applique and a black belt.  She also wears light pink panties which  is a plus for me.

Here is a close up of Ruby.  I tried to capture her childlike look with just a touch of a smile.  She wears her hair parted on the side with a white bow, this was a very common hairstyle and look in the 1950’s.   Hair bows with hair bands were  worn by many young girls.

The OG collection has made many improvements including lining the knitted sweater and what surprised me the most was using a button and not Velcro as the closure for the top of the sweater.  The dress fits very nicely on this doll.

And now for Ruby’s eyes, which is what I could not resist about this doll.  Her eye color has different tones and looks very realistic, not like other eye colors.   These eyes have depth and her black eyelashes brings out the blue-grayish color.  Her skin tone has improved as well, she has a more realistic skin tone. The one thing I would change is the color of her lips.  I would have liked to see a rose pink color.

Ruby’s shoes have heels!  The shoes are made of soft plastic and has a small heel with black edge  to give it a more realistic look.   Ruby can stand perfectly in these shoes.

Now let’s take a look at some of the new Retro accessories.  I mentioned these in the previous post and since they do not appear on the Target website, here is a look at each of these cute sets.  These can be found at Target stores that carry the Retro collection.

The accessories contain a purse, and eye glasses (some are sunglasses and others are not).  They also bring one more item which various in each set. 

Here is a close up look at each set.  I love the soda bottle with the red and white straw.  Notice it looks like some soda has been drunk.  I also liked the lace short black gloves.

Let’s have some fun and see how these accessories can dress up our lovely Ruby.  This is definitely a vision from the past!

For a different look, we changed the eyeglasses…what do you think?  Notice how well the lace black gloves fit.

Dabbie was not far behind in joining in on the fun, she too wanted to show off her different looks.  The yellow sunglasses came with the outfit.

Dabbie now has a new BFF to share her Retro looks from the past.  

Fun Facts:

1. Background made by me using foam board.