I have a big project ahead of me today – we are moving some things around so that my office/doll workshop is a better use of space and my projects don’t end up all over the house constantly. So while I am moving things around, here is a little question for you.

American Girl Molly collection

Who is missing from your collection?

For me, it’s Molly and Ruthie. We have Felicity and Elizabeth, Kirsten, Samantha and Nellie, aw well as Julie and Ivy. But our Emily is missing her friend Molly and our Kit needs her Ruthie. I can’t say that we will be done at that point, but I feel like I need to get Molly and Ruthie before say, Caroline or Cecile and Marie Grace.

From the GOTY line we are missing Lindsey, Jess, Mia, and Lanie. I am not actively looking for any of these girls but would be super happy if we just happened to “inherit” one like we did with Kailey and Nicki.

And really, my list goes on and on, because there are a few Ellowyne dolls I am looking for, and I still would like Kathleen from the Girls of Many Lands collection, Helen Kish’s High Flying Raven and a few others. I guess a collector’s list is a work in progress…

So discuss your collections, what you are trying to complete, what you are missing and the like. I’ll check in from time to time, but its back to work I go now.