Time for a quick photo story from Diana.

North Georgia is famous for white water rafting so here are Peter and Hannah with their adventure.


Peter and Hannah visit their friends in North Georgia and of course Peter wanted to go white water rafting. Peter asked Hannah to go but she would not have any of it, she wanted to relax.


Peter is very adventurous so off he went and he enjoyed every minute.


Hannah stayed behind and watched from the shores, enjoying her hammock. The mountain air seems so refreshing, she could stay here forever.

What are they wearing:  Since Peter and Hannah are twin brother and sister, they like to show off by wearing similar outfits. Here they are wearing the Bitty Twins outfits from AG, they fit perfectly.

Background:  The white water background was made by my uncle while I visited him in Florida. He is very creative and has a great talent for painting. He did not paint this scene, this was a poster which he creatively modified and made into a background for me. The mountain scene is from the AG book scenes and settings Samantha.