Which Historical Doll Would You Have Most Liked To Meet?

Since we have been doing a little time travel in the past few days – getting to know Matilda who is from the Tudor age (1540) in England – and rediscovering the power of teaching these historical-based dolls and their stories have, I thought it would be fun to ask you this question today:

Which historical doll would you have most liked to meet?

American Girl Historical Dolls

  • Kaya – 1764
  • Felicity & Elizabeth – 1774
  • Josefina – 1824
  • Marie-Grace & Cécile – 1853
  • Kirsten – 1854
  • Addy – 1864
  • Samantha & Nellie – 1904
  • Rebecca – 1914
  • Kit & Ruthie – 1934
  • Molly & Emily – 1944
  • Julie & Ivy – 1974

The stories, challenges and differences in day to day life may have been different, but I really do think that there is an underlying theme and commonality among girls from all time periods – friendships, family, hobbies, fashion, and fun seem to be pretty common themes. I love that American Girl and other companies like A Girl for all Time are able to help girls of today understand and learn about the important lessons in history through the eyes of girls just like them who grew up in a different time. It is much more relevant and meaningful than much of the history that is presented through textbooks.

So, which character would you have liked to be friends with? Which period in history interests you most? Which character has clothes you like most? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Addy!

  2. Rebecca and Emily!By the way i have Emily already!yay

  3. Felicity Addy of julie

  4. Totally Rebecca! My fav!!!!!!

  5. In order form most wanted to least: Addy, Kirsten, Molly, Kit, Samantha, Rebecca, Felicity, Kaya, Josephina, Marie grace, Cecile, Julie.

  6. I think it would be fun to be in kaya’s time but really me and kit would be the best of friends because we both look alike my Family calls me kit we both love writing and reporting we both have either a dog or dogs :) so we probably would be BFF’s

  7. Rebecca and Julie!

  8. Rebecca we are so alike! I mean not that I’m Jewish or anything. My parents immigrated to North America they are from Europe. And there are a lot of hard things. Like learning the language of your parents, sharing everything with your reletives, or moving every three months. There are all kinds of things I could relate to Rebecca. I have to be a doctor when I want to be an writer or a historian. But my parents won’t let me….

    Rebecca was my first ag doll!

  9. Kirsten!

  10. I would love to meet Addy! She is a very strong, sweet girl!

  11. Jsefina for sure!!

  12. Felicity,Kristen,Samantha,Rebecca,Kit, Julie! :)

  13. Felicity,Kristen,Samantha,Rebecca,Kit, Julie! :)

  14. What about you char

  15. Definitely Felicity!