It has been a while since we have had the Doll Diaries readers participate in creating a story from a picture.  So I will provide a story, but do not read it – just look at the picture and create your own story in the comments section, then come back to the picture and read my story.   Let your creativity roll!

As Grace walks to her grandparent’s bakery, she meets Hannah.  “Hi Hannah,” said Grace, “where are you going?”

“Hi Grace,” said Hannah, “Dabbie called and invited me over to a play date.  Look I am bringing Missy my stuffed doggie. Where are you  going with your hands full?”

“Grandparent’s bakery,” said Grace, “they are celebrating the bakery’s 20th anniversary and they love my cookies, so I made them in shape of Paris their favorite place.”

“Look Hannah, said to Grace, “isn’t that the little French bulldog that comes around the park for scraps?”

Maxine had just finished working at the park Bistro when she met up with Susy.

“Hi,” said Susy to Maxine, “I will be ready to go, but I need to send a text to mom.”

“Ok,” said Maxine, “I can not seem to open this bottle of  lemonade,  the top seems stuck.”

“Bark, Bark” came from the little French bulldog.

“Hi, Bonbon” said Maxine, “I know you want some scraps,  so go over there, see that nice customer she will give you some scraps.”  Maxine pointed to Alexis who was sitting at the Bistro enjoying her fruit and cheese dish.

Susy heard Maxine talking to the little French bulldog, “hey” said Susy to Maxine, “did you name the little dog?”

“Yes” said Maxine, “she is becoming a favorite with the customers, I named her BonBon because she is so sweet.”

“Are you ready to go now?” asked Maxine.

“Sure” said Susy, “I am looking forward to the Bakery’s new treats as they celebrate the 20th anniversary.”

The END.

What did you see in the picture?  Hope you had  fun telling us your story.