What a surprise to find new items for our dolls!  None of these items were shown at Toy Fair, so it makes it even more of a surprise to have found them.  Let’s take a look……

Doggies, doggies, doggies!  What a great surprise, Our Generation collection brings us new pets that are cute, cuddly and soft.

I was so excited in seeing these little pets, I had to get a closer look.  They each come with a leash of their own.

If they could talk, they would say take me home, nice lady.

There is one that is missing in this set and it is an Irish Setter which is a chocolate color. I liked him a lot but I have not brought him home yet.

Shoes, shoes, shoes I liked these shoes!   They are very well made and have a great selection of colors.

The rain boots have little stars and the flats are silver with a lime green bow.

These shoes I did bring home, the pink flats are very similar to some of the AG shoes we have seen in the past.   The boots are awesome.  I really like the two tone with the bow.

I could not resist these either!  They came home and look really cute on the dolls.

At Toys R Us, I found new accessory sets for the Journey Girl collection.  These packs are $9.99.  This is the picnic set which includes English Biscuits, Chips and a cup and plate.  The basket and blanket has a white and red checkered pattern. The hat fits perfectly.

This accessory pack includes the “I Love London” souvenir t-shirt, red sandals, a camera, aBig Ben mini souvenir, a London map and a cap.

I really like the feel of this windbreaker it is so soft.   This set also includes a cell phone, hat, and pink rain boots.

There are more accessories packs and new outfits appearing on the shelves, it is so exciting.  The Journey Girl outfits fit Journey Girls, Kidz n Cats, Gotz and Madame Alexander dolls.

What have you seen any of these in your area?