It has been a while since new merchandise has appeared in the stores, so I was so glad to find some nice treasures.  Let’s take a look…

These two adorable girls are from a new line of Disney called Classic Friends and there are two: One represents the Classic Winnie the Pooh and the other the Classic Mickey Mouse.   They are 18 inch and all vinyl body.   Their cost is $29.99 each and can be found at Toys R Us.

This very colorful outfit is from Our Generation and was on sale for $12.99.  It comes with a very colorful dress with a big red bow, stripped leggings, red shoes and an oversized straw bag, perfect for carrying the doggie. I added the hair bow.

Of course I could not pass on this shorts set by Our Generation.  It too was $12.99 and brings a pick light weight sweater, polka dotted shorts, an eyelet top and pick shoes.   The very cute pink eyeglasses are also included.

Tennis anyone?  Yes, Our Generation brought us a very affordable tennis outfit for $12.99.  The tennis racket and tennis ball are top quality.  The color combination  of the tennis dress is perfect match to the tennis racket.

A close up of Isabelle with her visor, what a beautiful look.   The set comes with visor, dress, racket, ball and……

Pink tennis shoes!  These are so cute, they are all plastic but have real shoe laces.  They fit perfectly on Isabelle.

Dabbie and Emily meet at the park, but is there puppy love?

Have you seen these in your stores?