What Molly Got With Her Springfield Gift Certificate

Molly from Toferet’s Empty Bobbin was the winner of the $25 Springfield Doll Gift Certificate and she was kind enough to send us photos of what she won!

Springfield Doll Fashions on American Girl Dolls

First let me introduce Molly’s models – Sally (American Girl Samantha) and Mia (American Girl Molly).

Springfield Doll Fashions on American Girl Dolls

Sally in the Blazer and Dress (http://store.springfielddolls.com/clothes/blazer-dress.html)

Springfield Doll Ruffled Flats

Black ruffle flats (http://store.springfielddolls.com/shoes/black-ruffle-flats.html)

Springfield doll shoes

Purple slip on shoes (http://store.springfielddolls.com/shoes/slip-on-shoes.html)

Springfield Doll Clothes

Mia in the Soccer outfit (which I kind of wish at least came with the matching socks) (http://store.springfielddolls.com/clothes/soccer-outfit.html)

All in all, the clothes seem a tiny bit tight on the dolls (Springfield dolls must have smaller rear-ends or something) but Molly still thinks they’re very nice. She loves all the shoes though, since shoes are hard to make at home!

You can actually read more from Molly on her prize and see some of the great outfits she has made for herself and her dolls at Toferet’s Empty Bobbin. Thanks again Molly!


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  1. madelon says:

    I especially like the blazer/dress and shoes.

  2. The purple shoes are so adorable!
    oh, and firstie!

  3. i LOVE the ruffle shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and seconedie!

  4. I agree, Grace, the shoes are sooooo cute! I think my future McKenna/Taylor might end up with them!

  5. nice! congrats

  6. first to say fristy

  7. I agree with Grace and Mary, I love those shoes! For some reason they remind me of Lanie. Maybe she had a pair of shoes like them, I can’t quite remember.
    Either way, all these outfits are cute! :)

  8. Cool! :)

  9. Yes, Springfield girls have smaller tushies and legs, so some clothes may be tight. And Char, you can purchase the socks, shoes and ball to the soccer outfit in another set.

  10. I love the soccer outfit and purple shoes!!!! congrats on winning!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, Did you know American Girl is coming out with a McKenna movie? I am soooo excited! It is coming out in the Summer! Thought you ought to know if you don’t.

  12. Elizabeth – yes, we know that the McKenna movie is coming out this summer and we can not wait!

  13. I just adore the black shoes! 😀

  14. Anastasia says:

    I love the blazer and dress and the black ruffle shoes. so cute! : )