Interesting question, since we are slowly seeing more and more of it.  So in doing a little research it seems that the Steampunk fashion is inspired by the whimsical, inventive and adventurous spirit of the Age of Steam, or better said the steam engine.  Some of the fashions incorporate items such as chains, old fashion watches, belts, etc.  They can represent the western era as in when the steam engines were built going to the west coast in the United States or the Sherlock Holmes , London British era.    Both of  these time frames have always fascinated me, especially Sherlock Holmes.  Therefore it was a very difficult decision to make when Carpatina introduced the Steampunk Collection.

After closely reviewing these two outfits, I decided to go for the Baker St and the accessories.  The brown boots made the sale!

I selected Isabella  to be my model, since her blonde hair would contrast beautifully with the brown colors in this outfit.  The detail and fit is awesome!  The outfit fits like a kid glove, and no Velcro!  Everything has snaps or zippers.

A closer look at the blouse with all it’s details.  The choker collar has the same lace pattern as used on the blouse.

The skirt is also very well constructed and has brown netting underneath to make it spread out and stand out. Extremely well made.

Here we can see the details on how the belt decoration was used on the skirt.  Also the arm wraps have little old fashion metal wheels attached, symbolizing the wheels of the past.  The wide belt consist of several smaller belts, and has a matching brown color vinyl to go with the skirt, again very nice.

The high top boots are what made me select this outfit.  Oh how I would love to have these in my size..;-)

The accessories consists of : the wide belt, the arm wraps, the eye wear, and the hat. The eye wear can be used as a head band as shown the the top picture, but can not be used as eyeglasses.   They do not have the depth around the eyes to enable the doll to close and open her eyes. The hat is small but it has a lot of details.  It is made out of black felt and has a small peacock feather.

Under the hat there  is a hair comb to help it sit on top of the head.

Let’s take a look at several pictures of the hat siting on the head in different ways.

I think I finally got it to sit correctly.

Closer look at the hat details.

Overall look is amazing!   Love, Love this Steampunk Fashion and I hope we see more of it.  The outfit and the accessories were made for the Carpatina Slim line dolls and not the full line (AG Style), so they do not fit AG.  Because of the perfect fit of this outfit on the Carpatina Slim line dolls, there is no room for any bigger size doll, not even Journey Girl, My Salon, Kidz n Cats, Alexis (Via-E) nor Maru and friends dolls.  I do highly recommend this beautiful attire if you own Carpatina dolls and I am looking forward to owning the other outfit in the future.

Fun Facts:
The review is based on my personal opinions and do not reflect those of Doll Diaries, nor am I associated with the Carpatina Company.