What is Ellowyne Up To?

Ellowyne Wilde

I had wanted to get a lot more photography done today, but that was just not how my day went. So, instead, let’s have a little fun with Ellowyne! First, this is my original Ellowyne Wilde doll – Dark Days – who I named Elle. She is wearing the top and the jacket from her from friend Ellowyne Raw Edges who I have named Aine. The computer is from American Girl as is the mug.

So, now it’s your turn!! Tell me in the comments what Elle is up to. It can be as simple as a caption or as creative as a short story. You decide!

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  1. She is probably checking doll diaries herself. =^)

  2. She’s on #dollchat, of course!

  3. Caitlin says:

    She is searching some friends who you can get!

  4. Abigail says:

    She is trying to find a doll-sized makeup kit to buy online. Hopefully she can’t get to your creditt cards…

  5. She is on ebay looking for cool new accesories(did i spell that right?) to buy.

  6. Mia .B says:

    She’s on Heels.com looking at cool shoes!

  7. Isabella says:

    She is visiting her favorite websites. Including going on Youtube to watch awesome videos by doll lovers like her!

  8. she could be shoping for outfits

  9. She could be shoping for outfits

    (Sorry, repost from earlier. The 1st link to my website was bad)

  10. looking at new friends and clothes for char to buy

  11. caroline says:

    she is on doll diaries looking at pictures of herself :)

    • on facebook posting pictures of herself!!
  12. So she got this idea of somthing for Doll Diaries, to post a picture and have people comment what she’s doing, So she’s emailing her sister’s to see if they want to be in it, and since she’s so into emailing them she doesn’t notice that somone snaps a picture of HER to use! Once she’s done e-mailing she checks doll diaries and finds herself on there!

  13. Elle is on a shopping spree! She found a credit card and is having a blast buying heels and dresses.


  14. I bet she’s dollbooking (for book for dolls

  15. Heather says:

    She is chatting with her friends from the ellowyne company.

  16. Typing up instructions for may photo contest and shoping for new family members

  17. So there she was, just staring at the computer wondering what in the world it would be when all of sudden, she found herself sitting in the seat! And thats just when the fun begins! She starts serchin’ the web, when she finds some super awesome news about the new historical! Lol!

  18. daniella says:

    where did you get the doll computer

  19. Princess Belle says:

    Ellowyne is tired of waiting for you to get Mckenna for her to meet, so she goes on AG.com to buy her herself! Hopefull your credit card is safely tucked away, LOL.

  20. Princess Belle says:

    Ellowyne is tired of waiting for you to get Mckenna for her to meet, so she goes on AG.com to buy her herself! Hopefull your credit card is safely tucked away, LOL.

  21. It is from American Girl but is retired.

  22. Pretty Irish AG says:

    She is slaving away at writing her new novel

  23. i bet she is skpeing all of her friends because she misses them and wishes they could stay with her (hint hint) lol

  24. Char, how many ellowynes do u have?

  25. Chloe – I have 5. I plan on doing a photoshoot with all of them soon.

  26. I left Ellyowne home alone with a cramera on the computer because I know not to trust these ladys the camera caught her buying every doll on the Wilde website! I don’t even know how they got my dredit cqard number good thing I came home just in time!

  27. I bet Ellowyne is shopping for new clothes . . .and shoes. . .and friends 😉

  28. Natalia says:

    I think Elle is going on Dolldiaries.com to see what people think she is doing! Lol!

  29. I think that she’s looking at what we think she’s doing! LOL

  30. how well do ellowyne wigs stay on? are they flimsy?

  31. She’s looking at herself on doll diaries and maybe trying to order another friend (hint,hint)

  32. Erin :) says:

    This made me think of the contests where you write your own caption for the picture. I think you should have a weekly doll caption contest. (just for fun, no prizes)

  33. She is sitting at the computer with her morning cup of coffee. Today she is hoping that she will finally finish going through all of the emails that piled into her inbox while she was on her cruise. She is also hoping to finish all the plans for her upcoming pool party next month. While she is online, she will check facebok, dolldiaries and american girl…after all, she needs some new clothes!

  34. granof4 says:

    She’s just staring at the screen and hasn’t decided yet where she will go. She’s thinking, “Perhaps to the internet? Oh, but perhaps I should check my email first! Then again, it is Spring and perhaps I should clear out some old files from my computer; but (sigh) that sounds like it could take a lot of time. Decisions are so difficult first thing in the morning! Sigh. Maybe I’ll just get a refill on my coffee and come back when the caffine takes effect.”

  35. Or buying mckenna

  36. she bought mckenna!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!1

  37. She’s buying makenna!