100 Days of Doll Play ideas

When I started the 100 Days of Doll Play series on June 1, I never realized what an amazing task I was taking on. I also never imagined how much fun it would be to come up with new doll play ideas all summer long and I certainly never imagined how positively it would be received by our readers.

Well, we are almost at the end of the series!! I just posted Day 85 which means there are only 15 days of doll play left. With that said, here are two questions for you:

1. While I have *most* of the the remaining days planned, there are some I haven’t decided on yet. Is there a doll play activity that you want me to feature that I may have missed?

2. And of course, I would love to know which activities have been your favorites! Which ones are your top 3-5 SO FAR?

For all of you who will not know what to do without your 100 Days of Doll Play fix, have no fear! Karen will still be giving us a craft each Friday and I will be posting doll play ideas and crafts of my own in addition to the regular Doll Diaries content.

Summer is not quite over yet, but as we wind it down, I just wanted to say … the DOLL DIARIES COMMUNITY IS THE BEST! And you are never too old to play with dolls, either!