Hello girls, Natalie here! Today I have a very exciting photostory for you. I know you all have been waiting for more photos of the special gift my Mom received from the Tonner Doll team at Toy Fair so I decided to show you what happened when this gift arrived. Lets get started!

Thump, thump! A strange sound came from mom’s suitcase. I unzipped the case and pulled out a pink box. “Oh this must be the gift mom got from Tonner!” I thought to myself. I walked the box into the kitchen and set it down.

I lifted the lid of the box and saw what was inside. “Wow! A Patience doll, stunning!” I said.

I untied the strings in her box and took off all her plastic. “How long were you in that box Patience?” I asked her.

Patience shrugged her shoulders and replied, “Too long.” I saw that her shoes were still in the box and put them on her. “Thanks!” she said.

I brought Patience a chair and she sat slowly. “So, you are…?” Patience paused.

“Oh sorry! I am Natalie.” I said.

Patience looked across the room. Then she stood up and walked over to the table.

She picked up a small jar full of pink liquid. “What is this?” she asked.

“Natalie come set up a new scene in the doll room!” My mom said. I walked out of the room and ran upstairs.

“Is it jelly? Jam? Syrup?” Patience wondered. She stood up and walked around her chair. “Hmmm…”

“What if it is none of those things?” Patience fell onto the chair. “Should I drink it?”

“What if it turns me into an elephant?! Or a tiger!” Patience jumped up onto her chair. “WHAT COULD IT DO?”

“What if it is the most delicious stuff in the world and I am missing out on it cause I am thinking its bad?”

“BUT ITS PINK! I am also parched…” Patience was beginning to change her mind.

“THATS IT! I am drinking it.” Patience threw up her arms and grabbed the jar.

Patience lifted the top open and…

What do you think the mystery drink did to her?

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!