Karen here and I just got back from Welcoming Grace to our Vancouver Store and meeting up with our wonderful Vancouver Doll Community!

I was in line handing out postcards and hair elastics at 10:30 this morning before the 11 am opening! I got to meet some wonderful and excited doll lovers who all braved the cold to line up to be some of the first Canadian Doll Lovers to meet Grace in person!

I met up with some of my wonderful dolly world friends like Linda who came to my rescue with a working camera. I did get some great shots but my camera battery on my phone and my camera both died! Thank you Linda for taking some wonderful photos!

Can we talk about how cute Grace’s dog is for a moment! He has a supper soft body and his bow unfolds into a leash!

While in store today we noticed a few things the Canadian Stores did not get, we did not get the bakery, likely lack of space and we did not have the Grace photo op that you may have seen at the USA American Girl Stores. In case you are wondering  my purchases  in store today were  Grace’s Book “Grace Stirs it Up” and the new CANADA Red t-shirt exclusive! It was $12 for anyone who was wondering. I was also lucky enough to get the Grace Apron!

Here is a close up! I love the Maple leaf in the center!

Also new in store was #61 the beautiful red head we have all been waiting for! Now in stock at the Vancouver store!

The staff were so welcoming and accommodating in store during the event! Taking special care of doll hair and dolly ears! They even have special earrings for Grace dolls only!

I had so much fun with our local doll community! A Huge thank you to Linda, Lauren, Deena, the staff and all the wonderful readers who came and chatted with me about our work here at Doll Diaries! I hope to see you in store again soon!