Dolls and horses are always a fun combination and Dude Ranch week was awesome!

Camp Doll Diaries Week 10 Memories

Week 10 posts:

Camp Memories:


From Jennifer – At camp Kit is borrowing Saige’s horse named El Paso so she can learn how to ride.


From Linda – My girls are sure enjoying their stay at the Camp Doll Diaries Dude Ranch!!!! They love to sing along with Caroline and the food is the best in the world!


From Madelon – Our Gotz doll prepared her horse for dressage.

photo (1)


photo (2)

Madelon visited the AG store in Charlotte where it looks like some of the dolls were at Camp Doll Diaries this week!

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And American Girl Crafter (Camille) has a quick tutorial on how to make a lasso for your dolls too.

Hi everyone! I’m American Girl Doll Crafter and today I will be showing you how to make a lasso for your doll!


  • 6 pipe cleaners, 3 different colors
  • 2 small rubber bands

image (1)

1. Put 3 of your pipe cleaners together. Twist the tops a little. Then fold it down
2. Braid them together. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your other 3 pipe cleaners.
3. Make a handle for the lasso by twisting the ends to make a circle.
4. Next, rubber band the tops of your braids. (The tops are parts you folded down in step 1 )
5. Bend your pipe cleaner in a large circle. Then secure it with a rubber band.


Now your doll can round up the cows at the ranch! Have fun!

I hope you enjoyed this craft! If you would like more, be sure to check out my blog, Thanks!

Camp Doll Diaries is back with Week 10 tomorrow! Our theme is Tasty Treats! Something tells me Grace will be busy in the kitchen again!