Fresh from the garden fruits are the best.  Saige is testing out these watermelons and lemonade before she sets up her stand at the Farmers Market tomorrow morning.  

These little watermelon slices are so fun!  I found them at HomeGoods in the check out line and thought to myself, these are the perfect size for our dolls!  So, I bought them.

Saige is one of our favorite dolls for so many reasons.  First of all, we love her story.  Second, she was our first doll of the year as a contributor for Doll Diaries.  Third, she has the BEST hair to do things with.  Back to the fruit!  Isn’t she adorable serving lemonade to go with the watermelon.

We love watermelon around here.  I put together a fun word search for you to do.  You can download it HERE!

Cheers and Have a GREAT Weekend,