This summer we had a doll fashion show inspired by Fashion My Mayhem using paper and tape to create dresses for our dolls.  Nikki did a super awesome job and used Scotch brand washi tape to create accessories for Chocolate Chip, our favorite service dog.  It is so adorable that I simply must share it.

All you need to create these fun accessories is washi tape!  Scissors can be helpful but you can just tear the tape too.  If you want to add a little name tag, you will want to have some white card stock and a marker too.

To make the collar, follow these picture steps.

  1. Tear your tape long enough to go around your pet’s neck times two.
  2. Fold it over to sticky to sticky then use another little piece of tape to tape it together around your pet.
  3. Add a name badge with tape.

Isn’t it so cute and fun?

If you love the ear bow, here are the picture directions to create it.

There are so many fun things you can create with washi tape.  We all used it today to make tickets to our fashion show!

If you want to see all of the dolls in paper dresses, you can check it out on my blog HERE.