Saturday was a busy day spent trying to find the Easter dress for Alma (she will have an official review later this week).  Alma was also excited because it would be her first Easter.

Getting ready for bed, she was so excited.  Will the Easter Bunny come?

Alma got into her snugly PJs and  made sure she had her favorite bear which she carries with her at all times.

A little bedtime story to read to her doll.

Finally Alma fell asleep.  Sweat Dreams, my darling!

The next morning, Boo barked until Alma sat up.  She took a sip of water and then Boo tugged at her feet.  What was Boo so excited about?

Alma turned her head and she saw it, the Easter Bunny had come!   Alma was so happy, she could not wait to share with her friends, but she knew she must first get dressed.

Once she was dressed in the new lovely outfit her mom had bought yesterday,  she grabbed her Easter Basket.

After church she would meet up with her friends, what a wonderful day this will be!

Alma changed to her play outfit and went to Isabelle’s house where they hunted for Easter eggs.  Look said Isabelle, I found a yellow egg!  Alma replied, I found a purple one!

After the Easter egg hunt, Alma and Isabelle enjoyed a lovely afternoon.  They shared their Easter eggs and Alma offered Isabelle her extra chocolate bunny.  Isabelle has two pet bunnies and Alma got  a white bunny for Easter.   They played together all afternoon.

Happy Easter everyone….