Waiting for Saige

So McKenna’s farewell “party” is over and the girls have shifted gears! They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new friend tomorrow, Saige Copeland.

Waiting for Saige Copeland

The girls have all changed clothes and have gathered outside the cabin to talk about welcoming their new friend Saige.

  • The cabin is from American Doll Room
  • The chairs are from The Queen’s Treasures
  • Marisol (GOTY 2005) is wearing Nicki’s Ranch Outfit (GOTY 2007)
  • Felicity (retired AG Historical) is wearing Nicki’s Meet Outfit
  • Callie (MyAG 39) is wearing the AG Horse Lover Outfit from 2005
  • Nicki (GOTY 2007) is wearing her Tie Top & Shorts outfit
  • McKenna (GOTY 2012) is wearing the Paisley Print outfit from 2003

Waiting for the American Girl of the Year 2013

The girls can not wait to meet her and have a year filled with horses, art and learning about Saige and her story!

You can meet Saige before the girls do! We will be at American Girl tomorrow and will take photos while we are there. You will have to follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@dolldiaries) to see the photos as we share them – but I will also post them here once we get home.

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  1. Does any body know where saige is from?

  2. kananirulz says:

    haley: Saiges hair is auburn while mckennas is more of a light brown.

  3. New Mexico. If you go to the Ag site they said Saige is the girl of the year!

  4. kananirulz says:

    Saige is from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  5. Thx

  6. kananirulz says:

    yea Hadden Saige is GOTY

  7. kananirulz says:

    ur welcome

  8. Amanda :D says:

    None of these dollz are availible anymore exept Callie! *Duh Amanda*
    I have to start practicing writing 2013!

  9. kananirulz says:

    me too

  10. Amanda :D says:

    I. Want. Saige. So. Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sis wants her too but me too so she said we could have twin dolls but I was like no way jose!

  11. I love that mckenna went to the space needle in her stories and saige goes to baloon festia in her stories.

  12. Audrey and Maire-Grace says:

    I want Saige so bad, but my mom said I have enough A.G. dolls already. :(

  13. Amanda :D says:

    Is Char at the American Girl place right now? I wish I went to the American Girl place today, I live near D.C. so I would see her! That would be so epic! I went on the AG website at like 12:15, but Saige wasn’t there! It was so weird!

  14. haley ,saige is from albaquerque. i am saving my allownce for it!!!

  15. Anastasia says:

    Amanda πŸ˜€ – This was on AG’s Facebook page last night: “Because we want everything to be perfect for our 2013 Girl of the Year’s debut, the American Girl site will be unavailable for a period of time, starting at midnight Central Time tonight. Please check back in the morning to learn all about Saige Copeland and her story!” I was wondering the same thing before I saw this. : )

  16. Amanda :D~Yes, she is. She’s been posting pics and updates on DD’s facebook page. I don’t have FB, but I am able to view it. :) Ditto, too! I live closest to the D.C., and it would be really cool to meet Char! :)

  17. Just bought Saige and all of her outfits. LOVE Saige. :)

  18. AGMcKenna94 says:

    I have my own photobucket!!!! Please come and visit it. My user is ILOVEAG94.

  19. I have enough money for Saige!!!!! YAY!
    Does anyone know why her starter collection is $211, when mckenna’s is only $125?

  20. I mean $185, sorry!

  21. Audrey and Marie-Grace says:

    Hi everyone! Haven’t commented on here in what seems like forever! Anyway, I have been wanting a La Dee Da doll for ever since they came out. So I’m probably going to use Christmas money to get her! I think I’ll get Dee in her regular outfit. I have read reviews on the other types of La Dee Da dolls, and some of them didn’t sound too good. Anyway, I am also here to tell you Char that here’s a sneak peek that I found about new L.D.D. dolls! http://worldofwonder.ie/product_info.php?cPath=3_201&products_id=2085

  22. StoryTeller says:

    Isabella– I’d have to break down the prices to see where the changes are, but my guess is that the starter collection is more because the doll and her outfits are higher in price than McKenna’s. Kenna, for instance, was $105 while Saige is $110, and the outfits are more expensive by a few dollars, too.

  23. Audrey and Marie-Grace says:

    Amanda, I think she is. I thought I read a comment about someone asking if she was going…. Not sure though….

  24. Well I hope if anyone went today they had fun!! I can’t wait to see photos of Saige with our hair down. Thats what I wanted to see all along.

  25. Pretty Irish AG says:

    When is the Sage post going to be up

  26. HEY, DD LADIES!!! πŸ˜€
    I’m about to leave the city to go back home.
    Guess who got Saaaaige? ;D
    *points at the second planet, right after Mercury*

  27. OMG! I GOT SAIGE!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€


  28. Does any body else think that Crissa GOTY 2009 looks like Josie Mckennas tooter

  29. I have enough money saved up for 3 ag dolls so I’m getting saige and when my April b-day comes up I want some of saiges stuff

  30. Got Saige!

  31. Sabrina-
    How?! She barely came out! Did you get her at an AG store or ordered her?!

    AG just keeps raising the prices! Last year (2012) all the dolls were $105, now all the dolls are $110!

  32. Saige is so cute..very photogenic. So glad I bought her.

  33. Ella- they went to an AG place near them.

  34. Amanda :D says:

    They got Saige!!!!!!!!! It was on their Facebook page.

  35. @Sabrina, your sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!

  36. Brianne (Brie) says:

    I just went all out for Saige. I bought McKenna and loathed her so much that I gave her to my 3 year old cousin. I will never buy a doll without a part again! It was so horrible…. However, with all the gift cards I got for Christmas and my birthday today I bought her starter collection, the pink dress, and the new shirt. I hope she comes soon!

  37. I saw that to Amanda :D!

  38. Ag doll Fan Mayra says:

    All of the Histroical doll prices got raised up $6 more dollars! They raised the starter collection for GOTY By abvout 30 more dollars!!! Sheesh

  39. Char, can you please post more pictures! Pretty Please! With cherry’s on top!

  40. Char posted pics of Saige!Go take a look!

  41. @Amanda:D yup and Instagram

  42. @Amanda:D yup and Instagram

  43. Ella-At the store…

  44. Char does saige come with earings

  45. Not just char Im asking anyone

  46. Yes, she does come with earrings

  47. Char,Are you going to do any more posts tonight??

  48. You guys are so awsome very updated and creative