Visiting Ireland’s Oldest Doll Store

We have readers from all over the world – which I absolutely love! Ava lives in Ireland and recently visited Ireland’s oldest doll store, called The Dollstore.

The doll store specialises in dollhouses and dollhouse furniture. They also have a dolls hospital for any type of doll. You can look at beautiful displays of very old dolls – some are more than 100 years old! You can also buy dolls and bears too like the mohair teddy bears that are made exclusively in Ireland and the Vanity Fair porcelain dolls.

Ava and Kit posing for a picture with a life size teddy bear on the ground floor of the Powerscourt Townhouse where The Dollstore is located.

First a little background on The Dollstore from their website:

The Dollstore is delighted to welcome you to our new home in The Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, 59 South William Street, Dublin 2. The story behind the move is one that has captured the nation over the last few weeks, with distressed callers ringing our national airwaves at the thought of the Dolls Hospital closing. The hospital has been running for nearly seventy years and is one of Dublin’s oldest institutions. On hearing the sad news that we were closing, Mary Larkin, manager of the Powerscourt Town House Centre came to our rescue. The Powerscourt is a listed building that displays elegant Georgian architecture and wonderful lighting. We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect location and beautiful home for our variety dolls houses, dolls & teddy bears. With the wonderful space in the ballroom we have also been able to create a Museum of Childhood showcasing our collection of antique dolls and teddy bears, some of which date back to the 1900’s. Again we would like to take this opportunity to THANK ALL OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS, FRIENDS AND THE MEDIA who have been absolutely wonderful with their support and without them we would not have found our new home. We would like to invite you & your family to visit us at Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, 59 South William Street, Dublin 2 it has something for all the family. Warmest Regards, Melissa & Chris Nolan Owners of The Dollstore – Hospital & Museum

Here you see some Vanity Fair porcelain dolls and two Jumeau dolls on the bottom.

Another view of the display cases at The Dollstore.

Ava and her friend did not come home empty handed! Ava got two porcelain dolls and her friend got a porcelain doll the same as Ava’s and some wallpaper for her doll house and her Mum bought another doll that she is hiding away to give to her friend at Christmas. If you are ever in Dublin in Ireland any time of the year the doll store is a place that people will love young and old!

Thanks so much Ava for sharing your photos and visit with us!!

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  3. Love it secondie!!!


    i love it ! to bad i live in the USA!(thirdie)

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  6. hehe if ther is even a thing!! cute!!!

  7. so cool!!!

  8. I finally have an excuse to go to Ireland “Hey Mom!”

  9. Anastasia says:

    That teddy bear is huge! That store looks like so much fun to go to.

  10. Isabella says:

    Hey Char! So I have been wanting a new AG for a while. I’ve been wanting Julie, a MAG, or Emily. So here is the problem. Last night I had a drem that instead I got Kit. The cover of her book was weird and I guess I had taken out her clip. Do you think I should get Kit or not? I don’t know if it was an omen or not. I will love every doll I get but I don’t know what I should do.

  11. Wow, that toy store looks amazing! It looks like you had fun, Ava.

  12. Isabella We all at once have dreams that we get a doll that we didn’t intend on getting. I think you should get what ever doll you truly loved. Just because you had a dream doesn’t mean you have to tell yourself to get Kit instead of the ones you really liked.

  13. Beautiful!

  14. Isabella: that’s so hard. Well MYAG’s are always gonna b here. Julie will at least for awhile. She came out in 2007. Julie is an awesome doll, and I love her to bits. Emily, is my fav doll I have (along with Molly) and Emily will probably retire, so I think Emily would be your best choice. BUT, we still have kit, I don’t have kit, but she is second on my wish list. I don’t think Kit will retire this year, Molly and Emily are the best bet. BUT, It’s your choice. If I didn’t have Emily or Julie I would get Emily. But Julie is a wonderful doll. Sinse you didn’t originally want Kit, maybe she should stay at American Girl. I LOVE the MYAG’s. But, they aren’t as “cool” as the historicals. I love the MYAG’s. They’re fun to have. But I love Emily.

  15. So cool! 😀

  16. Pretty Irish AG says:

    First Celtic Woman now this. SEND ME TO IRELAND,ANYBODY!!!

  17. Looks fun

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  19. Thanks for the nice comments guys! I named the tall fairy sapphire and the little one Mia

  20. Those are pretty names Ava! I wish I could go to Ireland.

  21. Exactly Pretty Irish AG.

  22. Cooolllll!!!!! I went to Paris (France) as a little girl(4 years ago for a wedding) and visited they’re doll museum! I got a porselein fairy christmas tree ortament that’s A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! it’s blondish and has a purple dress and pinkish wings.I loved that place and will never forget it! Of course, my little brother had other thoughts!

  23. isabella- its hard to pick an ag doll. When my family and i went to seattle to get mckenna, while i was looking at clothes to get for my dolls i thought maybe i should get ruthie instead, but i got mckenna anyways and i just love her! Don’t let a dream get in the way.

  24. wish i could go to ireland!:) but me and my family are going to saskatchewan because a lot of family members on my moms side of the family live there. And plus my mom grew up there,and for a while she lived On a Farm im bringing my julie doll, because she loves animals and i know ill be able to get some beautiful pictures with my doll.

  25. Cute!

  26. Charleen says:

    i love this shop!they used to sell american girl dolls but taxes got to high for them to ship over:( they have such cute dollhouse accessories in the dollstore too!:)