Vintage Patsy Doll Photos

As with most aspects of life, in order to appreciate today you have an understanding of the past. That plays true even for doll collectors. The dolls we play with today have all evolved and been inspired by the dolls created throughout history. One of my friends, Nancy from Archive Americana, was kind enough to share some beautiful photos of her Grandmother’s Patsy doll that is from the 1920s!

Vintage Effanbee Patsy doll 1927

Patsy was made by the Effanbee Doll Company between 1912-1939. She was one of the first dolls who had fashions you could buy separately. Nancy’s grandmother got the doll in the late 1920s (she was born in 1921).

Patsy doll from a photo in 1932

This is a photo of Patsy blowing out her candle at the Birthday party in Nancy’s back yard in 1932 -San Francisco.

Vintage Patsy Doll

Patsy was 14″ tall and had arms and legs that could move.

Vintage Patsy Doll

Seriously, how cute is she in that green dress!

Vintage Patsy doll clothes

Most of the clothes were made by her mother, who was an at-home mom and a great seamstress. The later clothes were made by a friend of a friend in the early 1970s. Nancy’s grandmother and her best friend, Mardie, both had Patsy dolls that they loved playing with.

Vintage Patsy Doll Clothes

Vintage Patsy dresses.

Kimono for vintage Patsy Doll

Vintage Kimono for Patsy doll.

Vintage Patsy doll clothes

And every doll needs pajamas! These are pjs for Patsy.

Here is another article on Patsy and more on the Effanbee doll company at

Thanks so much Nancy for sharing this fabulous piece of history with us!



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  1. Wow! Such history! I know my mom didn’t have one, but I wonder if any of her friends had these dolls?
    (She was born in 1929).

  2. So cute! I love the picture of her in the green dress

  3. Megan aka Megz says:

    cool!! Char- when are you going to post the winner of the cap and gown?

  4. The giveaway closes tonight so I will announce the winner tomorrow.

  5. Caitlin says:

    Cap and gown?

  6. Mia .B says:

    Very interesting! Dolls have really changed over the years.

  7. qtlol10 says:

    Caitlyn- theres a givaway for a graduation outfit.
    I agree . Little patsy is adorable.

  8. Abigail says:

    Wow! She is so cute! My mom has a box of old dolls, but not that old…The oldest of hers are from the 50s and 60s.

  9. cool I wonder if my great grandma has any old dolls from my grandma and her siblings when I visit her next week I will have to ask

  10. Hayley says:

    Neat and char did you get my picture of my summer display ?

  11. In Rebecca’s storys doesn’t she get a Pasty doll at Coney Island?

  12. oooooo, i have never seen a doll like that before, it is very pretty!

  13. daniella says:

    she looks almost broken on her feet what happend but she is still cute

  14. granof4 says:

    What a wonderful family heirloom!