For Valentine’s Day this year I had the historical dolls in mind.  

The historical dolls and anyone else that likes the vintage look!

I created 4 different Valentines on PicMonkey just the right size for dolls.  

I was able to squeeze 8 mini Valentines on the printable, plenty to share!


As a side note, when I made these on PicMonkey I tried to keep the messages pretty general for exchanging Valentines but now I’m laughing at the “true love”.  I guess that cute little cupid inspired that one! 🙂   

These are quick and easy to make! Print out the vintage inspired Valentines, cut around the hearts and write a little note on the back to someone special!

Don’t skip the handwritten note!  Vintage Valentines need a handwritten note!

Enjoy these vintage Valentines for your historical dolls!  If you love the vintage look don’t be shy to use them for your modern dolls!

Happy Valentine’s Day!