Long-time reader and contributor, Sharry, has some pretty neat vintage dolls in her collection. She has put together a great look back at Ideal’s Crissy doll, made by the Ideal Toy Company in 1969


Hello Doll Diaries readers!

Vintage Crissy Dolls

As most of you know, I love Springfield Collection and American Girl dolls. You also know that I really dig the 70s. What you may not know is that I’m also a toy collector. I not only collect dolls, but all kinds of things, comic books, action figures, just lots of things. Back when I was a kid, dolls were very different than they are now. My favorite kind of dolls were the kind that did something; walk talk, cry, dance. You name it, and I probably had a doll that did it! Most of the vintage dolls I own now are not the exact ones I had as a kid, but some I’ve gotten from Ebay, toy shows and the like. Most 18 inch dols back that were fashion dolls, rather than little girl dolls. In this post, I’m gonna show you a “hair play” doll called Crissy.

Crissy was made by the Ideal toy company in 1969. She’s 18 inches tall, has sleepy black eyes, short reddish auburn foundation hair that’s rooted and a long ponytail that “grows”. She had a knob on her back that you turned to make her hair shorter. If you pushed her bellybutton, and pulled gently, her hair grew. The first issue Crissy had hair that grew to the floor. The one I had was the second issue, that grew to her tush. After Crissy, came her little cousin, Velvet. She was 15 inches tall, had blonde hair that grew, too. Crissy was meant to be a pre-teen, while Velvet was supposed to be between the ages of 8-10. I use them for younger ages, because they hang out with my Springfield Collection Julie and her friends. These dolls were also available in African American (black). Here is a black Crissy doll, whom I’ve named Sabrina. Sadly, her doll mom wasn’t very nice, and cut all of her foundation hair, and removed most of her tail. I have her in hats of kerchiefs most of the time. I do plan to get her fixed, but I’m nervous about sending her through the mail!

Ideal made other dolls in the “Crissy family”. Kerry and Brandi and Tressy were Crissy’s size, and Mia, Dina, Cricket and Tara were Velvet’s size, all with growing hair. Velvet even had a 12 inch little sister named Cinnamon! Here are Crissy and Velvet’s “meet” outfits.

My Velvet is “Beauty Braider Velvet” and came in a different dress and rompers than original Velvet. The clothes they’re wearing are from Etsy.

And here I am, age 4 on Christmas morning 1970, when I got Crissy. I don’t know why I brushed her bangs back!

For more info on the Crissy family, check out crissyandbeth.com. I hope you enjoyed this peek into the past.- Sharry.


Thanks Sharry for this really interesting look back at toys from our childhood – I would not be surprised if I had a Crissy at some point. And you were just too cute when you were four!