Vanange Dolls Line of Multicultural Play Dolls

I just discovered another new line of poseable dolls for play and collecting that have stories, a mission and are geared towards girls in the 6-10 age bracket – they are Vanange dolls by Vannuzza.

The Vanange line of multicultural dolls are wholesome 7 year olds from different countries whose stories encourage friendship, helping others, and global understanding. The dolls have vinyl limbs and soft bodies and stand about 19.5″ tall. Each doll comes with a book and retails for about $100.

The dolls in the Vanage collection are (descriptions from Amazon):

Vanange Analisa red-headed doll from Italy who loves to play soccer. Analisa is a happy and smiley red headed seven year old Italian girl who loves to play soccer. She enjoys helping her mom cook the most delicious foods in the kitchen. They chat a lot while they cook and Analisa likes to discuss everything with her mom. Analisa is a real multi-cultured girl! Her best friend and neighbor of five years, Kristelle moved back to Paris where she was born. They are both heart broken and they miss each other. They write to each other all the time. Analisa is learning a lot about the French culture, including the language from her friend Kristelle. So both girls speak French, Italian and English! Analisa found out that she also has a cousin who leaves in the Seychelles Islands. The two of them write to each other too and they are learning so much from each other.

Vanange Apolonia Latina doll from the Dominican Republic. Apolonia has the most exciting and heart-wrenching life experience for a seven-year old track-and-field runner! She was born in the Dominican Republic where she had a normal and quiet life. But one day, her dad announced that he has accepted a job offer to be a Marine Biologist in the Seychelles Islands – a place far, far away. Apolonia thought that she would die from the heartache of leaving her home, her Abuelita and Abuelito, and her friends behind. Not knowing the language or anything about her new home, Apolonia had to travel across the globe to get to the Seychelles. On her first day of school, she was frightened and she cried because she did not know anyone at school. However, little did she know that her life was about to change for the best! She was about to meet her new best friend and fall in love with her new home.

Vanange Bella the Multi-Ethnic Doll from Roosevelt Island New York City. Bella is a beautiful multi-ethnic girl from Roosevelt Island, New York City who enjoys to roller blade with her friends along the East River. She has beautiful cascading curls. Bella’s mom is African-American and her dad is Caucasian with blond hair and green eyes. Bella knows all about the beauty of cultural diversity. In her book, she also talks about the event that happened in her beloved New York City and changed the whole world: September 11, 2001.

Vanange Kristelle doll from Paris. She is also a great tennis player! She was born in Paris and moved to Italy with her parents when she was two years old. That’s how she and Analisa became best friends. Kristelle is now back in Paris after five years and she is discovering the city of Paris for the first time.

Vanange Luz Philipina doll . Luz is a quiet and loving seven year old girl from the Philippines. She has a yellow belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. Luz believes that you should never give up on your dreams, no matter what! She loves to spend quality time with her family including her grand parents. Luz loves to help her mom prepare foods and serve them in the Soup Kitchen. This is a place where people who do not have foods can go and get fed warm foods from other caring people. This experience gives Luz a new way to look at the world.

Vanange Marybelle doll from Atlanta, Georgia USA. Marybelle, (MB) is a real southern belle beauty who loves to play basket ball. She is seven years old and lives in Atlanta Georgia in a big mansion with her mom and dad. MB thought that all children around the world had the same privileges as she.

Vanange Vannah doll from the Seychelles Islands. Vannah is a seven year old girl full of love – who lives in the Seychelles Islands with her family. These are some of activities she enjoys: dancing ballet, running up and down the hills of her islands, playing beach volley ball with her friends and family and rope jumping. She knows that when she grows up she can do anything she chooses to because she believes in herself.

As of now I do not see any additional outfits or accessories for the dolls besides their very cute meet dresses. They do look like they might be able to wear some outfits from American Girl or possibly My Twinn doll clothes.

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  1. These dolls are very nice, but I wish they were shorter, and not dressed the same.

    I love how they are all related somehow, and Analisa will one way or another be mine.

    I find it funny how they say “southern belle beauty” They repeat beauty twice.

  2. Ooo! Also, Analisa’s from Polermo!! I ave friends from there and will visit with them next year!

  3. *Palermo*

  4. Oh, also, a person i know has a contact in Vanuzza, who has told her AG clothes are a little short, but DO fit.

  5. Firstie to say Firstie!!!

  6. i like marybelle the best.

  7. thirdie!

  8. i want vannah so much!

  9. My favorites: Analisa, Bella, and Kristelle.

    But Analisa comes first.

  10. Georgia says:

    I like Apolonia and Bella. But Apolonia the most.

  11. They are all pretty, but I love Bella’s and Analisa’s curls.

  12. It’s awesome that there is doll for 7-yr-olds(even though dolls never have right age to play,because it’s different by person. They are probably just a educational age…)! There never had been much 7 yr old doll. And Vanage dolls are so cute!

  13. It’s the first time for me to see a doll that’s from Philippines.:) I’m from there.LOL.
    I really like her. But at first I didn’t because I thought her hair was ugly. When I zoomed it in, she looks awesome:))

  14. Too bad there aren’t any additional outfits for them. They look cute.

  15. They are working on aditional clothes for them.

  16. I’m saving up for Luz,Apolonia,and Analasia. I hope I spelled that right!

  17. I’m gonna be selling Sonali in 2010, so I’ll get Analisa with my money from her.

  18. OMG i love maybelle. 😛

  19. i love analisa. finally, another doll w/ red hair available!!!! :-)

  20. OMG I love Luz she is so cute!! And usually I don’t like dolls that aren’t ag but she is just so cute!!

  21. I also really like Bella and Kristelle!

  22. How come Luz is the most expensive?

  23. Taylor, they cost them same on the Vannuzza website.

  24. Yikes… the Amazon price is still cheaper than the one on the Vannuzza website. Luz isi’t in sale.

  25. Yeah I know she isn’t on sale but I think it is weird that she isn’t but everyone else is. Does anyone know if you can buy them in a store somewhere?

  26. I like the red head and blonde.

  27. sunbeemz says:

    I am so sad Micheal Jackson is dead! I am still crying over it!

  28. sunbeemz says:

    Is anybody on?

  29. sunbeemz says:

    …….can anybody talk here or do you guys only talk about dolls?

  30. sunbeemz, sry 2 hear that u were so upset.
    i wasnt, but that is just me

    hey, check out my website!! i have a contest going on 4 the best GOTY 2010 ideas!!

  31. sunbeemz says:

    alright I’ll see if I can enter it.

  32. sunbeemz says:

    Coolio is that you in the picture?

  33. sunbeemz says:

    Anybody on?

  34. probably in 1 of them. i look different now. my hair is back to its natural shade of auburn