Karen here and today I wanted to show you what you can do with your old T-shirts (with your parent’s permission first!). I was able to create three great additions to my dolls’ wardrobe using only old t-shirts that I spilled on and were stained so I could not donate them to charity or hand them down. Here is how I did it and what you will need to create your own.

You will need:

  • Used T-shirts
  • Scissors

Step 1- To make a One Shoulder Dress from the sleeve of a long shirt first lay the t-shirt flat and carefully cut the sleeve away from the shoulder of the shirt. Don’t worry if yours is not gathered with a band like mine.

Step 2- At the very end of your sleeve cut a V shape, this will give you the straps to tie for your dolls dress.

Step 3- Slide your dress on and tie the “V” at the shoulder and you are done!

Step 1- To make a doll skirt (Actually you can make two with one shirt!) Simply measure up from the cuff of your sleeve to the length you wish your skirt to be and make a cut with your scissors as I did, I used the left over sleeve from my adult sized shirt but you can use a child’s shirt for the same effect!

Step 2- Put your skirt on your doll and make a second one using step 1!

Step 1- To make a Doll Swing Vest remove the sleeves from your shirt and the collar.

Step 2- Cut along the seem edges of your t-shirt so you will have a long rectangle when you are done.

Step 3- Fold over the edge you just cut and place your doll in the middle. Use your finger to see where you want your arm holes to be then carefully cut an arm hole on each side.

Step 4- Put your doll’s Vest on and trim any excess fabric you may have or leave as is.

These were fun and easy to make and I hope you have fun creating no sew outfits for your dolls with left over or “un-dontate-able” clothing.