Karen here, and today I am sharing my tutorial on how to make your doll a Holiday Hairband using Phoomph for fabric, fabric and felt Scraps and an elastic hairband from the Dollar Store. To create your own you will need:

  • A Phoomph for Fabric Bonding Sheet from Coats and Clark
  • A scrap of holiday fabric or holiday print fabric or fat quarter
  • A scrap of craft felt
  • Scissors
  • Elastic Hairband from the dollar store
  • A needle and thread
  • A coordinating button

Step 1– Choose your fabric and assemble all your supplies.

Step 2– Cut around your fabric shape, I cut my fabric scrap into almost a square, this makes you have less waste of your Phooomph sheet. Use your fabric as a template for the Phoomph sheet and Felt.

Step 3– Cut out a Phoomph Shape and felt. Peel back from the edge of your Phoomph sheet the backing to expose one of the sticky sides and attach your fabric, smooth as you go.

Step 4– Turn it over and repeat with the felt.

Step 5– Cut out your shapes, even the small ones that are covered in Phoomph will be great for use later in this post or in a future craft.

Step 6–  Select your shape for use on your hairband, remove a hairband from your package.

Step 7– Thread your needle and knot the ends. Select your button and a smaller shape if you would like, layer it on your cut out and from the back side attach the button to the cut out.

Step 8– Attach the button to your Phoomph covered holiday shape and sew it to your hairband. I attached the shape to where the hairband ends are fused together. You can place it anywhere you would like. Once you have sewn the shape on to your hairband, knot the thread through the elastic on the back side of your hairband.

Now your hairband is ready to wear, you can wear it yourself, or double the elastic as I did and slip it over your dolls head and slide it into place!

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft with Phoomph, I really loved working with Phoomph and can see myself using this product for so many wonderful dolly things to come! It is so easy to use this craft  to do at a party or as loot-bag take away gifts.

I look forward to sharing more crafts with you next week. If Christmas is a holiday you and your family celebrate, I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas.

Today I used my American Girl Doll Ruthie wearing an outfit my friend Skippy’s Mom made me.