Saige isn’t in the lime light these days but she is taking a fresh look at her wardrobe and using inspiration from the new GOTY, Grace.  A favorite is Grace’s grey ankle boots.  They are a trendy fun style.

Saige always wore gold boots well, so her version is in gold.

Now Saige has the cute ankle style boot but don’t miss the fun gathered strap and bow details that take their inspiration from Grace.

These boots are upcycled treasures.  Saiges’s gold version is an upcycled, upcyle project.  Have I lost you?  Let me explain.  For Saige a few years ago I upcycled plain boots to make her gold boots.  Today I took those gold boots and upcycled them into trendy ankle boots.  The gold is fun but you can make these boots in any color you want.  Make them grey, just like Grace’s or any color of the rainbow!

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need.


  • boots (Use boots that you can get inexpensively or make a pair.  Mine are from Springfield Collection)
  • soft fabric paint or spray paint
  • duct tape or ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue

To get started you’ll need to decide what color of boots you want.  Follow the instruction here to get tips for using spray paint and fabric paint.  These gold boots were spray painted.  Paint your boots and allow them to dry completely.

Before you start shaping your new boots you need to choose what to use for the gathered straps and bows.  I used a matching gold duct tape.  You could also adapt the instructions and use ribbon.  Use your own creativity to add your own touch!  Maybe you want to try the gathered strap and bow in a different color from your boot color.  Our what about using a patterned duct tape or ribbon?  It is fun to use what you have, add your own spin and get creative!  Have fun!

Ankle Boots

Time to transform these boots into the fun ankle boot style!

Try on the boots and fold down the top to decide the finished height of the boot.  Take care that it is even on all sides.

Take the boots off and trim along the fold.

Use the first boot to mark the second and cut them the same size.

Adding the Gathered Strap

I love the gathered strap at the top of the boots.  We will add that detail with duct tape!

Cut 2 strips of duct tape long enough to a wrap around the top of the boots.  Fold in the sides to meet in the middle of the strap.

We are folding the straps to give them the gathered texture.  Fold each strip in half and fold the sides down again, so it is folded in fourths, accordion style.  The fold pattern doesn’t matter too much.  We are trying to create lines that will look like scrunched folds when we attach the strap to the boot.

I used hot glue to attach the strap.  Be sure to get help from an adult if you decide to use hot glue.

Starting in the back, place a little hot glue on the boot and line up the strap 1/4″ from the top.  Encourage the strap into a gathered pattern as you hold it on the glue.  Work your way around the shoe a little at a time spreading glue and placing the strap.  Trim the extra off at the back of the boot.

Making the Bow

When I trimmed off the extra length from the strap around the boot I had left over pieces that were the perfect length to make into bows, about 3″.  If you don’t have extra then cut two 3″ duct tape strips for the bows.  Fold the duct tape the same way we folded the straps.

Place glue in the middle of the wrong side of the strip.  Fold over each end so they meet in the middle and press them into the glue.  Cut 2 pieces of duct tape  1/2″ wide.  Fold the little strip into 3rds.  This small strip will draw up the center of the bow.

Pinch the larger strip in the center to form a bow. Dab glue on the back side of the bow and secure the end of the tiny strip.  After the glue sets up, wrap the tiny strip around the center to hold it in a bow shape.  Glue and trim the other end of the tiny strip.

Glue each finished bow to the side of a boot.


It is fun to take fashion inspiration from around you to adapt your doll’s wardrobe!  Fashions are always morphing and changing and you can add your own touch to it!

Saige is wearing her sweater outfit and Ivy’s beret.