I just love seeing the transformations when Diana rescues a doll and then brings her back to better than new! Here are two more rescues that Diana took on recently.

Here is my Gotz rescue, this is how she looked, picture taken by the seller.  Hair was matted.

Closer look at pictures from the listing, she had “scratched face”.  This made her of no value to dealers and most collectors, except ME!

So what do I know about this doll?  She is a true Handcrafted Artist Doll from Gotz, probably created in yearly 2000.  How do I know?  The Handcrafted Artist dolls have the word GOTZ and then below they have numbers associated with that doll in back of the neck.  The mass production dolls like the World of Hannah/Sarah only had the word Gotz.  I have not been able to find her name and her dress would be the only clue as to who she is, the dress is original Gotz.

So here is my Lucy after being in Diana’s Doll Hospital.  She has ash blonde hair and dark blue eyes.  Her skin tone is beautiful, it has a golden look.

Close up of Lucy, notice no scratches…;-) After a good clean, she is in mint condition.

A group picture, similar but not the same.

A closer look from left to right:

  • FAO Schwarz from Toys R Us – light tone skin, light blonde hair, dark blue eyes, light pink lips.
  • Sarah (my Char) from Gotz World of Sarah Collection – long light blonde hair, no bangs, grayish/green eyes, bronze lips.
  • Lucy (my rescue) – Ash blonde hair, shoulder length hair, golden skintone and although eyes are dark blue they are different then the FAO doll, bronze lips.

Overall each doll was uniquely made and they have their differences including slightly different face molds, look closely. So who/where do your eyes tend to focus more on?

Another rescue I did recently is now named Kelly.

Kelly is a Gotz Toddler doll, she is 15 inches and her body is full vinyl. She was described as a having “grubby vinyl”. After a few hours in Diana’s Doll Hospital here is her before and after pix.

A close up of Kelly. Gotz released several dolls with this face mold as Toddler dolls.

Here we can compare the face mold of Sarah who represents an older child of around 9 years old to Kelly who is a toddler of around 4-6 years old. Kelly still has some ‘baby fat” on her arms, look carefully and you will see it.

As with most baby sisters, they want to play, so here is Kelly wanting Sarah to play with her and her bear. Maybe a little tea time?


Thank you Diana for these great before and after photos! You do amazing work!!