We found these awesome wooden beds at Ikea for only $20 and determined immediately that we simply must buy them.  Since they only come in unfinished wood and we wanted them to be pink, we quickly decided to dye them the color we desired so that Isabelle and Lanie could start their bedroom out with their favorite colors.

The first step was to get Daddy to help us build the beds.  It is a good thing that he loves to do projects with us.

Next, we headed outdoor on this beautiful spring Colorado day with our dyeing supplies to get to work.

We put on rubber gloves to protect our hands and used Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Refills (.26 oz) in a Jar of 2 cups of Water to dye the beds by painting the dye right onto the wood.

A few quick coats and the beds turned perfectly pink.

The we let them dry and brought them inside to set up a bedroom for Isabelle and Lanie to have a slumber party with their favorite pets.

Isabelle is so happy with her kitty Tutu cuddled up beside her and Lanie is so happy to have her new guide dog that she is training as part of the family.

Dyeing wood is such a fabulous way to add color and allow the grains to still show.  We love it and with the leftover dye in the jar we are planning to dye some t-shirt scarves for the dolls next.

Happy Creating,