A few months ago when Natalie and I visited The Toy Shoppe in Richmond I fell head over heels in love with High Flying Raven – a gorgeous doll by famed doll artist Helen Kish.

Helen Kish High Flying Raven

So what does High Flying Raven have to do with this beauty?

American Girl Kathleen GOML GIrls of Many Lands by Helen Kish

Kathleen, the Irish girl from the retired Girls of Many Lands collection from American Girl, was also a creation of Helen Kish. It took a while for me to finally put those two together but now I understand my attraction to both dolls and why, I must have them both eventually.

One of our readers, Laura from http://sophie-amelie.blogspot.com/ saw my post on Facebook about wanting to see more photos of the Girls of Many Lands and it just so happens, she has them all – LUCKY GIRL!

Girls of Many Lands by Helen Kish for American Girl

From left to right – Isabel (England 1592), Cécile (France 1711), Leyla (Turkey 1720), Saba (Ethiopia 1846), Spring Pearl (China 1857), to Minuk (Alaska 1890), to
Kathleen (Ireland 1937), and  Neela (India 1939). Laura received seven of them when they were being sold at discounted prices, right before AG retired them. The elusive Kathleen took a while to track down, but Laura eventually found her secondhand. Next to Neela, she is Laura’s favorite. She had to have her, too!

The Girls of Many Lands dolls are 9″ tall and were sold as collectibles for display not specifically for play.

GOML Kathleen and Neela

Do you see the resemblance between Kathleen and Neela and the High Flying Raven at the top of the post? I can see it in their eyes and they are just stunning.

If you are interested in adding one of the Girls of Many Lands to your collection, I suggest checking eBay first – you can get most of them in new condition for a reasonable price. Kathleen, on the other hand, is hard to find and often much more expensive.

Thanks so much to Laura for sharing her beautiful collection with us! Now, back to looking for a Kathleen for me!