The big news at Toy Fair from The Queen’s Treasures was the merger with Laurent Dolls, but the products they have in the pipeline totally overshadow the announcement in my opinion!  Laura took some great photos for me and after a phone call with Joann, the owner of The Queen’s Treasures, I got all the scoop.

Toy Fair The Queen's Treasures Farm Stand

When I saw the photos of the new Farmstand on Facebook I was in love. Then after talking with Joann, I fell even more in love with this product. So, this is the prototype and should be available late summer. If you already the Shoppe’s from The Queen’s Treasures,  you will not have to buy the entire Farmstand. You will be able to buy the canopy and signs separately to swap out with your existing set. The baskets will be available separately too – for all you DIYers who have even more creative ideas. The crates will have vintage artwork on them as well. So, yes, I LOVE this set!

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures Tent

Most of you are already familiar with the fabulous campfire set (we have featured it many times on Doll Diaries), but the tent is going to be new. One of the things I love about The Queen’s Treasures is their series focused on women who changed the world. This tent will be part of a new collection and as soon as we can reveal the details as to which famous woman this goes with, we will – I think you are going to love it! The tent will come with one cot, but additional cots will be available separately.

We hope to be able to share an announcement about the two partnerships The Queen’s Treasure have in the works soon – again – they have to do with women who have changed the world and will be great additions to the doll play world.

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures Tea Cart

It’s a little difficult to see in this photo, but the Tea Cart got a makeover. There is now a removable tray and it has a more refined feel to it.

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures Shoppes

There are more cute shoes and purses coming – perfect for stocking Cinderella’s Shoe Shoppe!

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures Sewing Machine

The sewing machine is not new but I just love it. The detail that The Queen’s Treasures puts into each piece is fantastic! The little black dress, complete with its strand of pearls is also available now.

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures Pizza

The Queen’s Treasures has some new doll food sets on the way – including the Pizza set. The pan shown here is the prototype and will be changed a bit before production.

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures Donuts

How do you like the new donuts? Just so cute!! And there are blueberry muffins too – you can see them in the lower right corner.

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures Trunk

Such a cute vignette featuring items from the very popular school kit and the new Doll Room Trunk.

Toy Fair The Queen's Treasures Tea Sets

What would be a visit to The Queen’s Treasures without a featuring their beautiful tea sets? They carry gorgeous tea sets in sizes for grown ups, kids and dolls! I just love this pattern with the polka dots!

Toy Fair 2015 Laurent

Laurent Doll is known primarily for their doll furniture. This loft bed is one of their top sellers. With the merger, I expect many of the Laurent items will get makeovers.

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures

New for the doll’s kitchen/dining area are the very realistic Shaker style boxes.

Toy Fair 2015 The Queen's Treasures Doll House

And I saved the BEST for last! A lot of fans asked about The Queen’s Treasures displays this year – aren’t they GORGEOUS? Well, a very unique style of doll house is in the works! The Queen’s Treasures doll house will be two-stories high. The shelf will be removable so you can fold up the house when it is not in use. The back and side panels will be interchangeable and you will be able to purchase different panels to set the theme for your doll’s room. The roof will have the cut-out just like you see here which means more light comes in (better for photography!). 

There are few more surprises and new items coming from The Queen’s Treasures – I will be sharing them as soon as I get additional photos and permission from the team.

What is your favorite new item from The Queen’s Treasures this year?