By far one of my favorite things I saw at Toy Fair this year was an employee from Madame Alexander dolls sewing doll hats on a vintage sewing machine right there at their booth. I seriously could have stood there all day and watched him and I am so glad I thought to take video – yay me!!

Sewing doll hats at Madame Alexander dolls

When I approached the Madame Alexander booth I was immediately captivated by this gentleman making doll hats right there in the booth. He was working on a vintage Feldman Machine Works sewing machine (Feldman Machine Works began in 1912) and I watched him make a few hats before I decided to time him. It took him less than one minute to make a doll hat in one continuous piece.

I still couldn’t take my eyes away so I decided to take a video so you can see it, too. The woven ribbon is on a large spool off to his right and once he starts the hat is made without stopping. Watch this!

Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

There was a box of hats that Ruben had made and we were allowed to take a few home with us. I did get a light purple one, too, but I just loved these colors as well.

I still have the full Madame Alexander dolls report for Toy Fair to share with you. That is up next, but I just had to show you the hat making video – it was definitely a highlight for me!!